The Jesuits have worked to uplift the poor and discriminated people of Manvi Taluk villages with the need of empowering Dalit women and children who are victims of social, economic, cultural and political discrimination.
Loyola School was started in the year 2004 with 40 students. Today this school has grown to 395 students, mostly Dalits, studying in this school in English medium. The Xavier School began in 2007. The growth of Pannur Mission continued with the Pre-University College in 2010 and the degree college in 2012. The Pannur Mission today has Loyola School, Xavier School, Loyola PU and Degree College, Loyola Kapipaladi School, Loyola Hostels, Arrupe Boarding House, St Peter’s Church and a Social work Centre with 1744 students, 112 collaborators and 10 Jesuits.

Target groups:
Dalits (Madigas), Scheduled Tribes, Backward communities and Minorities. Preference is given for women and children.

Target Area:
90 villages in three talukas of Raichur: Raichur, Sindhanur and Manvi.
Dalit families in each village: 40-120 families.

Working from 2002 onwards
  • Built 102 houses in Pannur and another 100 houses in many villages especially during the floods of 2009
  • Skill development: Driving for drop out children, tailoring for adolescent drop out girls
  • Working among the Devadasi women in four villages
  • Establishing water plants in the villages
  • Health camps in the villages
  • Educating the Dalit children in our schools and colleges with scholarships.