The Jesuits started working in Bijapur which as dominated by slums in 1980. Seeing the plight of the slum dwellers, they made an intervention in the slums of Vijayapura trying to raise the consciousness of the people and organizing educational and conscientization programs for the marginalized. As they went ahead, they discovered a lot of child laborers in the whole of the district and began a Child Laborers School.
In Vijayapura and Sindagi, the Jesuits are involved in the following works: pastoral work through a parish (the only parish in the whole of the district of Vijayapura), securing basic amenities for the slum dwellers in 65 slums, technical education for the rural school dropouts, rehabilitation of Devadasis and commercial sex workers and the education of their girl children, formal education of the children of the slum dwellers, Devadasis, HIV infected and migrants, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, HIV/AIDS awareness in the slums of Vijayapura and Community Care of the HIV/AIDS infected persons of North Karnataka districts. Our approach is empowerment. We empower people to make changes. We involve the community in every aspect of our work in bringing about a positive change that lasts.
  • Houses for the poor
  • Community centers in 12 slums
  • Conscientization and awareness programs on various issues
  • Education for children and school for the slum children
  • Child labor school
  • Self Help Groups for women
  • Youth groups
  • Tailoring centers
Loyola Yomiuri School and College
The school and the College welcome children irrespective of their economic background, caste, creed, religion, region etc. It is an abode of learning and all those in search of knowledge and wisdom find shelter here. There is also has a boarding for the boys of the high school in the campus.
Industrial Training Institute

Loyola Abhyudaya Kendra (now known as LITI – Loyola Industrial Training Institute), a technical training Centre for the disadvantaged, is a small effort to provide opportunities to develop suitable rural technologies for enhancing skills of rural and slum children and enable them eventually to be self-sufficient, progressive and more efficient thereby becoming economically self-reliant.

Navachetana Boarding

It also has a boarding house for the students coming from distant villages. Since the students come from distant villages and from poorer sections, we have a boarding house which shelters the children who study in our School and College.