From the year 2000 the Jesuits ventured into the Dalit women’s empowerment. The focus was shifted from charity and developmental works to people’s empowerment and organization. The Society, through the Centre for Integral Rural Welfare (CIRW), is trying to make the poor Dalits true agents of their liberation and integral welfare.
Through various programs and plans CIRW works to improve their standard of life, promote their self-dignity, raise their socio-political awareness about their basic human rights, mobilize and unite them to fight for their rights, and educate them to demand various Governmental benefits. The primary aim is to help the people to become agents of social change. The center also provides services to improve their health and hygiene through regular health camps with the help of St John’s Hospital Bangalore.
Our mission is to be a partner of every Dalit woman, man, youth, girl, and boy to ensure that they enjoy fullness of life, which necessarily involves full respect for their dignity and fundamental human rights. We are committed to walk with the poor in their struggle for their integral development and empowerment. In concrete terms it is to demand for decent housing, basic health and hygiene facilities, good and quality education, proper opportunities to capacity building and nutrition, and active participation in the decision-making processes. Keeping this mission in mind CIRW strives to educate, motivate and inspire a band of Dalit young men and women to be heralds of hope and emancipation to their own people.
At present CIRW is engaged in 31 Dalit villages of Anekal Taluk. It coordinates 33 SHGs, 35 Village Small Saving Groups, 6 children clubs, 5 Study centers, one tailoring centre, and 2 hostels. The mission today has a PU College, Social work center, a parish and hostels for boys and girls.
We primarily concentrate on children, women and youth from Dalit community. Based on our contact at the grassroots level and some surveys conducted CIRW focuses its intervention in three areas: Education, Health and Socio-Economic and Political empowerment. The main objectives are quality education to children, social awareness and empowerment of Dalits, and improvement of health and hygiene of women and children.
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